The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse is the next evolutionary step for today’s marketers


Lost in a blizzard of dirty or fuzzy data? The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse will get your through


The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse helps you understand – and guide - your customer’s journey


Fast and easy to set up, approved by IT - The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse

How well will this work for me? Find out now!

Marketing used to be simple: focus on your customers and on your message and, most of the time, things worked. Then, things got complicated. The web, search, social, mobile, text, location-based services, channels and analytics all exploded onto marketers generating and consuming more and more data.

Not surprisingly, many marketers got obsessed with their data and lost focus on what really matters – their customers.  Most marketers don’t need more data, or even better data. What marketers need a simple way to make their existing data more actionable, no matter how dirty, fuzzy, or ambiguous it is. They need the Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse.

The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse gives marketers the control, insights, and time they need to focus on their customers, not their data. Using our patented Snowflake™ data structure, we enable marketers to analyze, model and predict customer behavior to generate more qualified leads and the highest possible ROI on their marketing investments.