20 Oct Hello World – The Yeti Pack is Done Hibernating

The Yeti Pack is done hibernating. After almost two years in the cozy darkness of the Yeti Lair, our product is customer ready and we want to tell you about the real-world problems that we’re working with our customers to solve.

While we’ve been coding away in the lair a lot has happened in the marketing world and life certainly hasn’t got any simpler for CMOs and marketing decision makers. For example, with the explosion of mobile, social and online channels, multi-channel campaigns have become the norm for engaging consumers in conversations about brand and product. There are more and more ways for customers to connect and interact with your brand, which is great.  But with this new reality has come a major new challenge: how do you untangle the spaghetti and make sense of all this data?

It used to be that marketers could operate successfully in silos: one team handles email, another social, another ads.  Loyalty programs might be run independently by a whole other team.  And periodically a data analytics group might attempt to integrate the data from all programs and deliver a report.

Now leading marketers are realizing that they need the complete picture of their customers all the time.  They need a Customer Data Platform that connects data from every marketing activity with CRM data (such as transactions and service interactions) into one integrated view of the customer journey.  And they need it to be always up-to-date and easy to use for any marketing purpose: segmentation, targeting, attribution, or any other use. We’ve heard this over-and-over again from customers, from our advisors and from investors.

Yeti Data is all about solving this problem.  The Yeti Customer Intelligence Cloud™, powered by our Yeti Snowflake™ technology, gives marketer the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date picture of the customer that they have ever had.   Yeti Data can help you take a data-driven, bottoms-up approach to understanding how effective each customer touch is, which customers are most valuable, who is likely to respond to specific messages, and what’s driving changes in loyalty.

In our Yeti Yell blog, we’re going to focus on customers and how we solve their real-world challenges. We’re going to resist the urge to talk about our incredible Yeti Snowflake™ technology and our world-class team of customer data experts and developers and focus on how a we can help you solve this huge – and growing – problem.

We’d like to talk to you about your marketing attribution, segmentation, and targeting needs. Despite the Yeti’s solitary, dare we say, even ferocious reputation, we’re actually really social and we’re excellent listeners. If you’ve realized that this is a new problem that needs a new solution and a new company to solve it, we’d like to talk to you. Call us, talk to our founders and discover what a Yeti can do for you.