It’s a big, hairy problem

04 Nov Yeti Data – Solving the Big, Hairy Problem

A decade ago, marketing was a technology backwater. Today, with the explosion of mobile, social and online channels, marketing is now at the forefront of the data-driven transformation of brands and customer experience.

From having to beg, borrow and steal customer data a decade ago, today marketers are swamped with data from all sides. Enterprise ERP and CRM systems, adtech systems, credit agencies, social channels, GPS and Beacon sources – all inundate the marketer with more data than ever before.

But none of this data plays nicely with it’s counterparts and so it sits in it’s respective silos and marketers, supported by IT, have to do their best to integrate this data. And, unlike the good old days, when data would be consolidated into a reporting database to run reports or queries, now this data needs to support applications like real-time bidding and recommendation engines.

It’s a big, hairy problem. Traditional enterprise vendors argue that their systems remain at the core of understanding a customer because they own the historic view of customer behavior and the dollars and cents ordering data. Web-based customer data management vendors argue that their real-time systems are at the core of understanding a customer because they have the latest data on customer behavior.

And so it goes, everyone arguing that their system is the best when, in reality, none of these systems provides a complete view of the customer let alone the customer’s behavior. What’s needed is a new approach, an approach that analysts from Forrester, D&B and others are now defining a Customer Data Platform.

This is the problem that Yeti Data solves. Our founding and engineering teams have wrestled with this problem for enterprise software vendors, global brick and mortar companies and web-based businesses for decades. From this deep experience has come a clear recognition that traditional ways of storing – and even thinking about data – will not solve this problem.

We’ve taken a new approach to solving this big hairy marketing data problem. By using patented statistical analysis algorithms and advanced metadata management techniques, Yeti Data provides marketers with a Customer Data Platform that can handle petabytes of data and continuously improves in accuracy.

We store this information in the Yeti Snowflake, a patent pending technology, to build a rich and extensible, real-time customer profile. This profile is made up of the meta-data that describes the data in your enterprise, social, time-series, demographic and location-based data sources.

The Yeti Snowflake enables you to store unlimited amounts of data making Yeti Data ideal for high-growth companies dealing with large amounts of complex, constantly changing data. But our architecture is not only highly scalable, it is also highly secure and provides powerful governance features to ensure compliance with data privacy and protection rules.

It’s an elegant solution to a big, hairy problem. What’s more, we’re not just providing a platform or toolset to enable you to solve your marketing challenges. We’re also providing a suite of Yeti Data analytic applications that solve many of today’s most pressing marketing problems, for example, bottoms-up attribution analytics.

None of this is easy, but Yeti Data can do it. Sometimes you need a big, hairy solution to a big hairy problem.