10 Nov The Yeti Data Manifesto – We Solve Big, Hairy Problems

To provide value to their companies, marketers need to turn all their customer and behavioral data into reliable insights and to use those insights to drive actions that deliver results. Traditional enterprise and even web-based customer data management solutions are not going to do this because neither can provide a complete view of the customer, let alone the customer’s behavior.

You need a new approach. At Yeti Data, we’re solving this problem, and here’s the Yeti Manifesto of how we’re doing it.

  1. Yetis Love Data – We can digest any data you throw at us – enterprise, social, time-series, demographic, location-based – it doesn’t matter. And the more data you’ve got, the better for all of us.
  2. We Love Data the Way it is (not the way it should be) – Data can be messy.  That’s OK.  Yetis can handle Himalayan blizzards where every snowflake is unique, and our statistical matching algorithms will find the intelligence in your incomplete, overlapping and inconsistent data sets.
  3. We Hate Data Silos – The Yeti Pack used to lurk in dark corners of enterprise companies where we grew to hate data silos, infinite data hygiene loops, and slow analytics cycles. It’s time to solve this problem.
  4. We’re Nice To Look At – Yetis don’t get many awards for their sartorial elegance, but we do create elegant visualizations that make it easy to run your marketing campaigns.
  5. We Focus on the Individual – Yetis are highly individualistic and we believe your customers are like snowflakes – individual and on their own journey. That’s why we called our patent-pending data model the Yeti Snowflake.
  6. We Follow the Customer Journey – Every customer is an evolving story, not a fixed demographic. You need a Customer Data Platform that follows your customers’ evolving stories – all of them.
  7. We Track and Count What Matters – It’s not easy tracking our prey in the Tibetan mountains and it’s not easy tracking and analyzing all your marketing data. But we’re Yetis, it’s what we do.
  8. We’re Responsible – Maybe not something you’d expect to hear from a Yeti but we’ve architected powerful governance features to ensure compliance with data privacy and protection rules into our solution.


You may not have thought that a Yeti would your next marketing partner but maybe it’s time that you did. Call or email us and you’ll discover that a Yeti is exactly what you need to untangle your big, hairy marketing problems.
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