17 Nov Targeting 2.0 and the 4 Cs

There comes a time in every marketing cliché’s life when it gets the 2.0 treatment. With targeting that time is now. Targeting 1.0 was based on segmentation of your customers using broad-based demographic and behavioral characteristics. Targeting 2.0 is based on understanding individual customers and using the 4 Cs of Context, Content, Channel, and Consistency to engage and make them receptive to your messaging.

Context – in real estate, people say it’s location, location, location. In the new world of targeting it’s context, context, context. Consumers are bombarded by poorly targeted messages 24×7. To be effective, consumers must receive messages in the right context, for example, discount offers while they are shopping in one of your stores, not the day after they shopped there.

Content – if context gets the right message to the right consumer at the right time, it’s content that gets their attention and builds engagement with your brand and products.  Delivering targeted, relevant and engaging content builds the sense that your brand “gets” your consumer and is adding value to their experience, not just trying to sell to them a product or service.

Channel – with more mobile devices than people in the world, we are truly living in the age of multi-channel marketing. Every brand and product manager must be able to provide engaging content to consumers across all of the channels through which they interact – in-store, mobile, social and on the web – as and when the consumer is able to receive it.

Consistency – to create lasting customer relationships, consistency is key. All communications through all channels must be consistent with each other without being redundant. Every one of your channel managers should share the same always-up-do-date view of the customer, so everyone is working from the same playbook.

At Yeti Data, we have built much of our thinking around the 4 Cs to harness the capability to deliver the right marketing message to anyone, anytime and on any device or channel.  The only way to do it consistently in every marketing program and across all channels is to have a Customer Data Platform that captures the entire customer journey. With the Yeti Data Customer Intelligence Cloud™ every member of your marketing team will has easy access to the kind up-to-date insights that make Targeting 2.0 a reality.