About Us

About Yeti Data

Yeti Data’s Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse unifies customer data, no matter how incomplete or imperfect and regardless of its source. This enables CMOs and their teams to work with the most actionable data there is: their own.  With Yeti’s ‘as good as it gets at this point in time’ view, marketers will never miss a buying signal from their customers again.


The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse is fast and easy to set up unlike customer data platforms that depend heavily on IT involvement. Yeti’s patented SnowflakeTM data structure enables marketers to create a virtual marketing system of record; analyze customer behavior to an unprecedented level, and build predictive models to launch precisely targeted and personalized integrated campaigns to generate more qualified leads and the highest possible ROI on their marketing investments.

The Yeti Pack

The Yeti pack is led by co-founders, Victor Szczerba, CEO, and Martin Rybczynski, CTO. Before founding Yeti Data, Victor worked for SAP as GM of the SAP Enterprise Information Management group and SAP HANA Ecosystem. Prior to SAP, Victor held senior positions with McKinsey and Sun Microsystems.


Martin was previously CEO of eLeader and held senior technical and engineering positions at DigitalGlobe, Inteligo, Internlink, and IBM. His team includes Eric Gebhart, Systems Architecture, previously with SAS.


The Yeti Pack is advised by marketing, software and academic thought leaders including Ganesh Bell (ServiceSource, SAP, JD Edwards); Richard Gerstein (Sears, K-Mart, HP, Proctor & Gamble); George Mathew (Alteryx, SAP), Doug Merritt (Splunk, SAP, Peoplesoft) and Toby Stuart (Haas Business School, Harvard Business School).



Feeling Yeti-ish?

Do you like to solve big hairy problems? We’re always on the look out for a few good Yetis so if your present job is making you feel abominable and you believe that a virtualized approach to data management is the next logical evolution in marketing applications and analytics, please send us your resume.