What Problem Is Yeti Data Solving?

We enable marketers to do their jobs with the data they’ve already got, not the data they wish they had. For years, marketing has been striving to collect, unify and use customer data from a myriad of sources – enterprises applications, third party databases, adtech systems, mobile apps, location tracking, you name it. Companies have thrown millions of dollars and their best resources at this problem because it is so central to their business. But no-one has really solved it. That’s because the systems that they have always seem to assume that data exists in some utopian state where it’s clean, complete and consistent.



How Are We Different?

Yeti Data is different in two key ways. First, we don’t assume that marketing data is perfect. We know that marketing data is incomplete, poor quality, inconsistent, etc., but we know that it’s all that you’ve got and that you need to use it. So we let you use it. We provide an “as good as it gets as this point in time” view of your data and, the more that you use your data and the more that you learn about your customers, the better that data gets.


Second, we use Yeti’s Extract Describe Label Process™ to create a virtualized view of your data regardless of its source and format. This virtualized view can be managed by marketing totally independently of IT and without any impact on your existing applications. We’ve taken this radically different approach because we believe it is the next logical step in the evolution of data management not just marketing data management.


At the heart of the Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse is our patented Snowflake™ data structure. This unique data structure enables marketers to create a virtual marketing system of record; analyze customer behavior to an unprecedented level, and build predictive models to launch precisely targeted and personalized integrated web, mobile, email and social campaigns to generate more qualified leads and the highest possible ROI on their marketing investments.



Let’s End The Marketing And IT Struggle

For too long, marketing and IT have struggled to reconcile marketing’s need for fast, agile data management to drive real-time, multi-channel campaigns with the IT reality that building such as platform takes years and costs millions of dollars. With the Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse, we solve that struggle.


Our solution is fast and easy to set up and, because it’s virtual, it can be owned and managed by marketing without IT involvement.  At the same time, because of the background of Yeti’s founders and developers in hardcore enterprise data management, the Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse is scalable, robust and meets even the most exacting standards for data quality, data privacy, compliance and governance.


There’s no longer a reason for marketing and IT to struggle to reconcile their apparently conflicting sets of needs and interests. The Yeti Virtual Marketing Data Warehouse gives marketers the speed and agility that they need to do their jobs without becoming a drain on scarce IT resources. Could a Yeti really be responsible for ending this struggle? Talk to us and decide for yourself.

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